Preparing for the Last Craft

Preparing for the Last Craft


Hello crafty friends. It's a new year and many of us are still muddling through from a rough 2023.  We sadly lost many dear friends last year.  Some were fighting battles for a long time. Some were completely unexpected.  It seemed like the losses were just too dear. All of our losses really made me think about what happens after our last craft. What becomes of our beloved craft spaces when we are no longer here to use them?

The thing that I have heard repeatedly is the monumental task of sorting a loved ones belongings. That task in and of itself is so daunting and heartwrenching.  I have lived through it and it is so painful following such a devastating loss. I think it becomes even more complex and difficult when our craft supplies are involved.  Our families usually don't know much about our craft tools and supplies. They most likely don't even know what they are all for.  I am positive that my family would be guessing for most of my things. This leads me to wonder who will take care of this creative haven when I am gone. I think the answer must be a special person who knows just what to do with all of your goodies.

This person should be someone you know and trust.  They should be someone your family knows and is comfortable with. This beautiful individual will take on the task of becomming your craft executor (CE). Unlike the executor of your will who handles all of the things, your CE will work with your family to handle your craft space.  They will know what your equipments and supplies do. They will be in the unique position to understand the value of them. This person will be able to advise your family to donate, sell, or trash the items in your craft space.  They would be able to handle the acutal act of doing those three things, taking the burden off of your loved ones hands.

I know may of us are already looking at downsizing and purging our craft areas. We are also minimizing our homes and keeping what we love but ditching the clutter. It is a herculean task at times.  After a year of surgeries and recovery, I have a lot of work to do on my home and my craft room.  The losses of dear friends has reminded me that time waits for no one.  I do not wish to leave all of the things for my family to deal with. My goal is to clear away things each week, it doesn't have to be a huge amount. I am also using the Color My Life app to start tracking what I own, it's cost, and location in my craft room. You can also track this in Evernote, Dropbox or on a spreadsheet. 

I know it's not a cheery topic to begin the new year but I feel it is much needed.  I want to be prepared and for my family to have one less thing to deal with. None of us will sadly live forever. By planning now, we will make our loss a bit easier on our family. I hope your new year is filled with peace, love, and joy.

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